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Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ)

Diagnosis and treatment. Alterations and Bruxism.

Integral Rehabilitation

Dental implants. Fixed prostheses. Removable prosthetics.

Diagnosis and General Dentistry

Diagnosis of frequent pathologies of the oral mucosa. Cleaning and Restorations.

In our office what matters isYou

We are committed to providing high quality services not only as regards technology, but also with the best science and human resources. In our office, you are the one that matters.
We rigorously comply with biosafety standards (use of disposable materials: gloves, masks, pads, needles, tubes, ejectors and glasses apart from effective methods of sterilization and disinfection) and proper treatment of Pathological Waste (according to the Agreement with the Ministry of Public Health - Res. No. 2179).
We are trained to provide solutions to various oral pathologies with the seriousness, efficiency and warmth that characterizes us. We pursue functionality and aesthetics for each of our patients.
Our background and experience plus the equipment and technology applied, guarantee our work.

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